Phone, Fax, Live Answering Terms of Service:

Hereafter "The Company” shall mean VH International Business
Solutions, Inc. "The Subscriber” shall mean the firm, organization, or,
individual(s) named on the application form.

The Subscriber understands the following: The Company makes no
warranty, express or implied, with respect to the provision by it of the
services offered, and disclaims any expressed or implied warranty or
merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose or use with respect
to such services. The Company will use its best efforts to maintain
uninterrupted service. The Company is not responsible for
uncompleted or irretrievable messages or beeps as a result of
power and/or equipment failure, and, because damages cannot be
calculated in advance; The Subscriber agrees that the maximum
award for damages for any other reason will be equal to one (1)
month’s basic service charge. The liability of The Company or any
supplier of services to The Company for actual proven damages for
any cause whatsoever, including, but not limited to, any failure of or
disruption of services provided hereunder, regardless of the form of
action, whether in contract or in tort or otherwise, including charges,
and in no event shall The Company or any supplier of services to The
Company be liable for any special or consequential damages. The
Subscriber agrees that these liquidated damages are reasonable
under the circumstances existing at the time this agreement was
made. The Subscriber understands that The Subscriber is not
purchasing a phone number, The Subscriber is purchasing a service
and therefore, any issued numbers are not portable. While it is our
desire to maintain the advertised message storage capacities and
time values at all times, they may be changed without notice
whenever necessary to maintain the overall integrity of the computer
systems and uninterrupted service. All services and required
incidentals are payable in advance. The Subscriber understands that
all completed, processed and approved orders are final with no
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