Social Responsibility

As citizens of the world, we take pride in our global conscience and social responsibility by setting policies to ensure the safety and well being of the children of the world to whom the future belongs.

We make participating responsibly in the global marketplace
possible by selecting vendors which not only prominently display
their policies involving their environmental and human rights
practices, but actively strive to set standards in emerging markets.

We actively sponsor and donate to programs that help enable child
development, nutrition, education, health and sanitation as well as
family income generation to help build a better tomorrow.

We have also sponsored several classroom projects throughout the
United States.  Our donations have provided resources to
students through sponsorship of 77 projects to date.

Recipients have included Mrs. T's environmental science project in
Mississippi, Ms. R's after school visual arts and music project in
Brooklyn, NY, Ms. G's AIDS awareness project in Iowa,
Mr. S' literacy
program in Bronx, NY, Mrs. V's independent learning project in New
York City,  
Ms. S' creative writing project in Harlem, NY, Mr. O's
Shakespeare project in North Carolina, Ms. S' science project in
Ms. G.’s biology project in NYC , Mrs. Z.’s computer project in
Mrs. Z.’s English learning project in California, Ms. R.’s
library project in California, Mrs. H.'s greenhouse project in Virginia,  
Ms. T’s library project in California, Ms. F.'s literary project in NYC,
Ms. G.'s math project in California, Mr. O.'s teamwork project in NYC,
Ms. A.'s classroom concentration project in Chicago, IL, Mrs. M.'s
digital media project in Northern California, Ms. G.'s literacy project
in Texas, Ms. D.'s literacy project in Connecticut, Mrs. M's science
project in Texas, and many other schools throughout the United

Among other charities that we actively donate to are The Food Bank
of New York, Thirteen/WNET, WLIR and American Diabetes

We will always give back to the world community.  As global citizens,
this is our pledge and our honor.
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