Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long have you been in business?
Manhattan Virtual Office has been in business since 1990; over a quarter century. We are one of the original boutique office providers in New York to offer virtual office services with mail handling and meeting room facilities, and the first with an online interactive presence.

Q: How does virtual office mail forwarding work?  
Mail is sent to your New York Virtual Office service and then placed into a plain unmarked envelope and forwarded to you.

Q: I would like to order voice mail service but have some
questions, who should I contact?  
Most of our voice mail services can be ordered by visiting our voice
mail page. However, if you require bulletin board/menu set-ups or
small business voice mail assistance, please email

Q: How can your New York Virtual Office service help my
growing business?  
Think of it, you may be running your business from San Francisco,
London, Chicago, Tokyo or Hong Kong. Only you will know you are
not located in New York. Your business will have an actual street
address in an actual Corporate Office Business Center. Not an
obscure PO Box or mailbox disguised as a suite. Having a
physical New York City office address on Fifth Avenue can help
BOLSTER your image.

Q: Where will my virtual office in New York be?  
Your New York City virtual office is located on directly on Fifth Avenue in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, one block South of Rockefeller Center.

Q: What will my address look like?
Your address will be very similar to:
588 Fifth Avenue, Suite 705
New York, NY 10036

Q: Do you have space where I can come and work or meet
Yes, please visit the meeting room page for details.

Q: We are located in Australia, can you send out mailings
to our US Clients?
We can do anything!  We can send information to your US clients
and your clients throughout the world.  We can send your mailings,
brochures, product samples – just let us know and we’ll do our best
to accommodate your needs.

Q: I am an artist living in California.  Can you messenger
my portfolio around NY at my direction?
Definitely! We can do just about everything.

Q: What are the virtual office mail forwarding costs for
business accounts?
The mail handling is US$00.50 (50 cents) per piece of mail
plus postage.  For example, if you choose to have you mail
forwarded on a weekly basis and you receive 3 pieces of mail the  
forwarding cost would be US$1.50 plus postage.

Q: Do you accept parcels?  
Yes. We accept parcels from all national postal services and courier
companies such as FedEx, UPS., DHL., etc… HOWEVER, please
note that we prefer not to handle packages weighing over 4 pounds.
Parcels should also contain documents ONLY!

Q: Do I need to provide ID to purchase any voice mail
ID is not required to purchase any of our voice mail products.

Q: Do I have to supply I.D. (identification) when setting-up a virtual office account?  
Yes. Two forms of I.D. are required.

Q: Are anonymous orders accepted?  
Two forms of verifiable ID (identification) are required. No exceptions.

Q: I do not have any ID (identification) to supply What should I do?  
If you do not have two verifiable forms of ID you can not open an
account with us.

Q: What is the Credit Card Identification Number?  
The Card Identification Number is the group of numbers immediately
following your credit card number. These numbers are used by your
credit card company to help prevent fraud. Because the Card ID
number is not printed on your receipts, it helps ensure that someone
is not using your credit card information fraudulently. Note: The digits
are printed on your card, rather then stamped in the plastic like the
digits in your credit card number.
Click here for an example.

Q: We are retired and travel a lot. How can your virtual
office service be of use to us?  
By establishing a permanent address for both business and
personal purposes, you are free to travel and move about, knowing
that your mail is going to one central location and will be forwarded
WHEN and WHERE you want it.

Q: Can you handle international mail?  
Many of our customers are overseas. They are U.S. citizens working
or stationed abroad, internet businesses, overseas business people
that sell to U.S. customers, students at foreign colleges who need a
permanent U.S. address, and many others. We are familiar with the
best and quickest ways to get mail to most places in the world, and
with the customs forms required for different classes of mail.

Q: Can we send you mailing pieces to be mailed from
your address?  
Certainly! This is what is commonly referred to as re-mailing. We
prefer that you send them in the envelopes in which they are to be
mailed, but we can provide envelopes as well, if necessary. All
outgoing mail would be sent first class.

Q: How often will you forward my mail?  
We will forward your mail to you daily, weekly or monthly according to
your wishes. Next day, 2nd day or regular 1st class mail, you choose
the priority. You may also check daily, via e-mail, for individual items.

Q: How much is mail handling?
Mail forwarding for standard mail is 50 cents per piece plus
postage.  Please visit our
virtual office page for details.

Q: Is mail pickup available?
Yes.  Mail pickup is by appointment only and is $3 per pickup,
regardless of the piece count.

Q: What about certified or registered mail that requires a
Your authorization to us to receive your mail is for all classes of mail;
including certified, registered or 'return receipt requested.' So we will
sign for anything that requires a signature. If you expect to receive
time-sensitive mailings, where the date of our signature could affect
some legal or financial process, you need to be aware of that. We do
immediately re-mail anything that we can tell is time- sensitive, even
if your usual forwarding instructions are for us to hold mail for some
time period.

Q: Do you provide individual mailboxes so we can pick up
our own mail?  
No, we do not provide individual private mailboxes. is a boutique private office service. Our
policy is to forward the mail we receive.  If you are in the
neighborhood, you can always pickup your mail by appointment.

Q: Do you ever give our personal information to the Post
Office or law enforcement agencies?
If you break the law and postal inspectors or other law-enforcement
agents come looking for you, we are required to let them see the
information we have. Otherwise,your personal information is totally
confidential and private!

Q: How will we know when to send more postage?  
We notify you via email when your account falls to half the amount
you started with.

Q: Can we make temporary changes to our forwarding
Sure. You can change your forwarding address at any time.

Q: What if you get mail for us after we have terminated our
If it is first-class or parcel post mail (air or surface first-class, priority,
overnight, registered or certified), we will return it to the sender. The
Post Office will not return other classes of mail without additional
postage, so those will be discarded.

Q: Can you provide call and message forwarding?  
Our voice mail service provides very unique forwarding options. Visit
voice mail page for details.

Q: Can you provide other office services, such as faxing,
copying or anything else?  
We can provide just about anything you might need, including all the
above. Let us know your needs and we’ll do our best to
accommodate you.

Q: I have other questions
We are here to help you in any way.  Simply email
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